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Soldering Iron Sponges
High Temperature Sponge

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Picture shows 3 Sponges. That is what you get.
One is wet and expanded full size.
Depending on your solder station, you should get at least 6 sponges out of this deal.  

Cut these in half and they are still bigger than any station I've ever seen.

These are 6 inches long!!

NOTE: We have a fair amount of this material,
but when it is gone there will be no more.


We got these from a business that closed. They cut and printed solder sponges for many large soldering iron companies.  Dry size is 2" x 6 inches (some may be slightly larger).  This size means you should get at least two solder sponges from each one of these.  They come to you in compressed form and are specifically for soldering irons .  

When you wet them for the first time they double in thickness. Use them wet to frequently clean residue and excess solder from a hot iron tip.  Cleaning the tip often will extend the iron tip life and improve the looks of your solder joints.

These high temp sponges are meant to be wet prior to wiping  your  soldering iron tip on them.  

You can buy soldering sponges at Weller/Ungar for only $2.25 each or 10 for $18.50.  Look at the size of theirs.  After cutting ours to size, you are getting 6-9 soldering iron sponges for our low price.

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